VISA Requirements


A passport valid for at least six months after intended period of travel is required to enter China. Participants may also require a visa before departing to Mainland China. Visa application can be attained at the Chinese embassy and consulate. Please contact the nearest China embassy or consulate in your country to see if you require a visa to enter China and to check your entry requirements.

As the document required for the visa approval may vary for each country, you might need the original invitation letter. In this regard, you are strongly recommended to check the visa process with your local Embassy in advance, and contact us to request the original invitation letter. An original letter of invitation to the conference can be requested by contacting natureconference@uestc.edu.cn.

It may take several weeks before you actually receive the visa in some cases. Therefore, you are highly recommend to apply for an entry visa well in advance of the event.


进入中国需要在预定旅行期限后有效期至少六个月的护照。 参加者在离开中国大陆之前可能还需要签证。 签证申请可以在中国大使馆和领事馆申请。 请联系离您所在国家最近的中国大使馆或领事馆,了解您是否需要签证才能进入中国并查询您的入境要求。

由于签证批准所需的文件可能因国家/地区而异,因此您可能需要原始的邀请函。 在这方面,强烈建议您提前与当地大使馆核实签证流程,并与我们联系以索取原始邀请函。 可以通过联系natureconference@uestc.edu.cn索取原始邀请函。

在某些情况下,您可能需要几周时间才能获得签证。 因此,强烈建议您在活动开始前申请入境签证。